• Study Tour Programs

    VIET-UC EDU LINKS offers a variety of Study Tour Programs. These programs are specially designed for our international students who want to inprove their English language skills, as well as to visit some beautiful places in Australia. Our Study Tour Programs, conducted in English, are designed for the participants by immersing them in an English-rich environment, both inside and outside the classroom. All students are encouraged to express themselves in English as much as possible. The tours and sightseeing allow our international visitors to see and experience Australia in English. These tours provide a great insight into Australia's diverse culture, history, people and lifestyle.
  • Introduction

    Viet-Uc International Education and Study Tour JSC. and Viet-Uc English Training Center operate in teaching English and organizing long-term and short-term study tours which aim to develop the ability to use English fluently. The management staff and teachers work in the following fields