• Trung tâm Anh ngữ Việt-Úc

  • Summer Camp & Study Tour

    Viet-Uc JSC. offers many study tours for students in Australia, England, America, Canada …. The students will have chance to join in motivating and fun class.
    04-Mar-2015 09:38
  • Introduction

    Viet-Uc International Education and Study Tour JSC. and Viet-Uc English Training Center operate in teaching English and organizing long-term and short-term study tours which aim to develop the ability to use English fluently. The management staff and teachers work in the following fields
    05-Jan-2015 04:27
  • English For Children

    There are many programs for children which help them to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills or grammar.
    16-Dec-2014 03:51
  • Christmas Festival are organized at the Viet-Uc Education Centre

    Annually event of Christmas Festival is one of the many activities held by Viet-Uc Education Centre
    16-Dec-2014 03:42