• Trung tâm Anh ngữ Việt-Úc

  • Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

    The 20 of November is the day for people to express their appreciation to teachers. On the occasion of VietNamese teachers' day, Viet-Uc English Center would like to send our best wishes to respected teachers who has always been spending their lives to lighten students' knowledge path.
    17-Nov-2015 05:17
  • Study Tour Programs

    VIET-UC EDU LINKS offers a variety of Study Tour Programs. These programs are specially designed for our international students who want to inprove their English language skills, as well as to visit some beautiful places in Australia. Our Study Tour Programs, conducted in English, are designed for the participants by immersing them in an English-rich environment, both inside and outside the classroom. All students are encouraged to express themselves in English as much as possible. The tours and sightseeing allow our international visitors to see and experience Australia in English. These tours provide a great insight into Australia's diverse culture, history, people and lifestyle.
    05-Nov-2015 11:10
  • Halloween!

    Halloween is celebrated at the end of October. Students learn about the origin of Halloween. In classes, students have chance to participate in many exciting activities. Teachers and students dress as funny characters of Halloween. The atmosphere in classes is joyful and exciting with songs and funny games.
    03-Nov-2015 11:13
  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    Happy Mid autumn festival is the first event of the new school year. After three months of summer holiday, the students return to school with their teachers and friends, they have chance to participate in activities of mid autumn festival. In such moment, they have a joyful and memorable time in the festival.
    23-Sep-2015 03:12